Review – Syrakko (Pune)

When I was invited by Syrakko to try out their food and drinks, I really didn’t know what to expect. The name is quite unique and doesn’t really give away anything about the fine dine. Syrakko is located a floor below Sin Envy Pride and in the same building as Krustys and The Beer Cafe….

Review – Smiley House (Pune)

International cuisine in a non-fine dine setup is always special, even more so when a migrant sets up a kitchen to dish out the most authentic food of that region. Smiley House earned its stripes as the only authentic Vietnamese restaurant in Pune, run by a Vietnamese lady from Saigon. Smiley House is a very small…

Review – Flying Duck (Pune)

Very few places in Pune serve pork and even fewer serve the kind of pork preparations I like. So when I heard about Flying Duck and their famous Pork Chops, I was quick to add the restaurant to my wishlist. To be honest, my wishlist is quite long so Flying Duck actually went unnoticed until fate had…

Review – Agent Jack’s Bar (Pune)

I would never write an entire blog post for a restaurant/bar I’ve walked out of but Agent Jack’s Bar, unfortunately, deserves it. It’s very rare to see that a new bar that launches with 2 outlets has absolutely no focus on the customers. Here’s a summary of what’s wrong with this place – I visited the…

Review – Where Else Cafe (Pune)

I always like to review a restaurant few months after it opens as a full paying customer rather than reviewing it when it opens or when I’m invited for a food tasting. I’ve always found that the true quality of a restaurant can be best judged once it is in a business as usual mode….