Pune Craft Beer Map!

This is an exhaustive map of all the breweries, their outlets and taprooms serving craft beers in Pune! The map will be dynamic and I will update it as I get information on additions, changes or new breweries entering the market.

Note – if you observe any errors or missing places on this map, do leave a comment below so I can validate and update the map.

  • Click on the top left corner of the map to filter – a) Breweries & their outlets b) Taprooms serving beers from 1 or more brewery
  • Click on the outlet to see Breweries serving at each taproom
  • Last updated on – 18th June 2019

Breweries pouring in Pune (in alphabetical order) – 

  1. 2 Down Beer Co
  2. 2nd Pint Brew Co
  3. Bombay Duck Brewing
  4. Denis Beer Farms
  5. Doolally
  6. Effingut
  7. Event Horizon
  8. Gateway Brewing Company
  9. Great State Aleworks
  10. Happy Head Brewery
  11. Independence Brewing Company
  12. Innga Craft
  13. Kimaya Brewing Company
  14. Nine Degrees Brewing
  15. Ninkasi Brewworks
  16. TJ’s Brew Works
  17. Toit
  18. Yavasura

6 Comments Add yours

  1. sidz77 says:

    Great point of reference for craft beer aficionados like me. Would certainly help if we could filter based on region (KP, Baner etc. or North, South, East, West). Would also be wonderful if you can federate ratings from Google, FB, Zomato and the like to just give a perspective on how these places are received by patrons. Lastly, a Trivago like filter that can allow users to filter based on parking availability, dress code, happy hours(?), smoking zone, kid friendly etc. will help to zoom in on places based on people’s preferences. But even with this start, it’s a very handy resource to have. Good job!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. thedarkrebel says:

      Thanks Sid! Will be adding an intelligent search based on parameters soon. Ratings would not be applicable here since the tool is only meant for the craft beers, which is a subjective and dynamic reference point.


  2. Hakim says:

    British Brewery Company ( Pavillion Mall )


    1. thedarkrebel says:

      I don’t think they brew or serve any craft beers on tap. I have contacted them but they haven’t replied!


  3. Arjuna Srinidhi says:

    This is great! A query – I see that Ales, Brews and Ciders is there on the map, but not in the list of 18 breweries pouring in Pune…


    1. thedarkrebel says:

      Thank you. Yes, ABC is currently not brewing. They’re serving beers from other breweries.


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