‘Chop Chop’ your way to a hot meal!

In today’s fast paced world with impatient people, QSRs or Quick Service Restaurants have gained much popularity. To be the fastest, most cost effective player in this segment, a lot of thought is put behind the overall design, menu, automation, supply chain, location and branding. Brands like McDonald’s, Burger King, KFC and Subway are some of the most successful chains in the QSR segment. However, you’ll notice that none of these cater to Asian cuisine, which is quite popular in India. That’s where Chop Chop – Wok to Go wants to make a difference!


Chop Chop – Wok to Go is a brand new Asian QSR concept that launched their first dine-in outlet at Aundh less than a month ago. They already have a delivery kitchen operational in Koregaon Park, which has been doing pretty well for the past few months. The Aundh branch is located at the newly beautified DP Road. The interesting name has its roots in Cantonese and basically means ‘Hurry’ – an apt name for an Asian QSR.

Asian QSRs are quite popular in Europe and generally located in areas with a lot of bars. Revelers throng these places while bar hopping or for a post party meal. I found the location of the Aundh outlet a bit odd since its not located anywhere near bars and is on the 1st floor with a non-prominent staircase to walk up. I feel the 1st floor location defeats the QSR concept to an extent, apart from not being wheelchair friendly.


The overall ambience is quite good and I loved the black themed interiors. The restaurant can sit about 35 pax and has a good view of the newly constructed walking promenade. The Wok station is open so you can see your food being prepared. Menu is limited to a few items under each category with the Wok Box being the mainstay.

Here’s what I think about the food I tried –

Chicken & Basil Dumpling – I loved this dimsum, the way it was presented as well the taste. The tomato scallion sauce served with it complimented it well.

Chicken Sui Mai – This one is similar to the Chicken dimsum however the outer coating is made of tapioca. It’s much lighter and delicate.

Prawn & Chive Sui Mai – The Prawn dimsum didn’t taste as good as the chicken one. I’d prefer pork over both of them however given the limited choice, chicken seems better.

Chicken Spring Rolls – These were fantastic. The Thai Basil, Galangal and Chilli filling came together really well. Best dish of the evening and a must try!

Vietnamese Loaded Fries – I’m not a big fan of fries and I found these ones to be quite soggy. Presentation looks good though.

Chicken Yakitori – A good side dish. Had a lovely blend of flavours and will be best enjoyed on the go.

Malaysian Kari – This one lacked flavour. Quantity is really good again however definitely needs a bit more coconut or herbs in the curry.

Thai Green Curry – Really enjoyed this one. A proper Thai curry rice after a few drinks is all one needs to fall asleep peacefully. I’m surely going to pick this one up on my way back home soon. Although, I would like more curry for the amount of rice served.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Wok Box – This is fully custom made with your choice of protein, base, sauce, veggies and condiments. The order is taken, marked on the serving boxes and confirmed before handing over to the chef to avoid any confusion. Quantity is a lot even for 1 person who’s not had any appetizers (more on that in my suggestions). I ordered the Chicken, Steamed Rice, Singapore sauce box but ended up making a mistake – no one to blame but me as the sauce really didn’t go well with the other stuff I added. Maybe a little bit of assisted ordering would have helped?

Food was pretty good however I believe Chop Chop needs to make a few changes to their overall concept to attract more customers. Here are my suggestions –

  • People may not have heard of the dishes on offer and will be hesitant in ordering them. A screen with a slideshow of photos near the ordering counter will help people decide
  • The Wok Box is way too much even for a heavy eater like me. A 2nd, smaller sized option is required. It could be paired as a combo with a Dimsum or Skewer
  • Assisted Ordering is a must for a new concept like this. The sauces are named after Asian cities and is difficult to understand the flavour just by the name. I would like to have a few combo suggestions of Protein v Base v Sauce to avoid the mistake I made
  • Mention serving time next to every item on the menu. The whole QSR concept won’t be understood by people without this addition
  • No desserts on the menu. Maybe 1-2 desserts will help to complete a meal
  • Stay open till late! I want my Wok places open after a few drinks 🙂

Pricing is super easy on the pocket, food is served really quick and they also deliver to your home. Do try Chop Chop this long weekend and let me know what you think about it!

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