DPRK News Service is Twitter’s Best Account!

Twitter has a lot of weirdly funny accounts that churn out trolls and memes all the time. In fact, some parody accounts have become so famous that people join Twitter, just to read their funny tweets.

But what if I told you that the funniest account on twitter is not a parody, troll or a funny account? In fact, it is a country’s official news account and all tweets are meant to be serious news bulletins. I’m talking about DPRK – Democratic Republic of North Korea’s News Service account that dishes out some serious (according to North Korea) tweets that are hilarious, unbelievable and unmatched by any other funny account. Here are some real good examples –

Supreme Leader Kim Jong-Un is a Super Hero!


Supreme Leader Kim Jong-Un is a scientist, mathematician and basically the world’s most intelligence man!


Sherlock Holmes, move aside…


Now we know why he is Supreme!


He invented SWAG


F*** you Batman


And when they’re not praising Kim Jong-Un, they’re sharing other important news…

Madonna is a harlot – I bet you didn’t know that!


Does Congress support DPRK?


Maybe ‘folksinger’ Kayne can ask Kim Jong-Un to pay his debt


Well, you lost me at Valentines Day…


If you have some time to kill, go follow the DPRK News Service Twitter account now. I bet you’ll be entertained!

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