Review – Le Plaisir Patisserie & Bistro (Pune)

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Most restaurants only satisfy your hunger while a very few satisfy your hunger along with your soul. I will start by saying Le Plaisir falls in the latter category and the only regret I have is not visiting the place earlier.

Le Plaisir originally started as a small patisserie on Bhandarkar road. I had seen it several times and thought of visiting it. Unfortunately, no plan ever materialized and I only visited them recently after they shifted to a larger place at Prabhat Road. Whenever I’ve passed the place, I’ve always seen people waiting to get a table – that’s how popular the place is. I had to wait too but not for long. 15-20 mins is the average wait time here and the only place where people don’t mind waiting – that’s pleasantly surprising for Pune!

Chocolate Milkshake
Iced Black Coffee

When I said ‘a bigger place’ earlier, I meant in comparison to the earlier space they were in. Even the new place isn’t that big, but does fit about 50 customers at one time. We were seated at the upper section and were given a table number to reference back later for the bill.

Seating is pretty comfortable and most importantly customizable to accommodate groups of different sizes. I thought the lighting was a bit off the tables so all you food instagrammers will struggle to capture photos without the shadow of your hand or phone falling on the food. All tables have water bottles and hand sanitizers which is a nice touch.

No menu cards are available, just a huge black board on the ground floor with the items listed. It’s visible from gallery on the 1st floor but its easier to make up your mind before you step up. 4 major sections on the menu – Sandwiches, Salads, Mains (Pastas & Crepes) and Desserts/Beverages. Prices listed next to all items are all inclusive so you already know how much you’re spending which is something more restaurants should implement.

Coming to the food – IT IS BLOODY GOOD! Anything and everything in the menu is delicious. We ordered a whole lot of items and couldn’t make up our mind which was better than the other. Quantities are perfect for a full meal.

Lamb Bolognese
Parmesan Cream Sauce with Smoked Ham
Lamb Meat Loaf
Three Cheese Pasta – Parmesan + Gorgonzola + Smoked Cheddar

The first dessert we ordered was the Chocolate & Orange Mousse and there was no looking back. Since then I’ve had the mousse at least 5-6 times and can’t stop eating it. I still haven’t got around trying the other desserts on offer 🙂

Chocolate & Orange Mousse

The staff is always smiling and I’ve heard that the owner is in the kitchen, cooking. Now that’s something that you don’t find in most restaurants today.

If you live in Pune and love your food, Le Plaisir is one place that you cannot ignore. If you’re a traveler, make sure you add this place to your to-do list in Pune. Only thing you need to remember is that it’s closed on Mondays and shuts early (no new customers after 9.45 pm).

There’s only 1 other restaurant that I would rate 5/5 and I’m happy that Le Plaisir has entered that Hall of Fame. So stop reading this post and head there for dinner tonight!

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