Most useful Made in India apps! (Part 1)

Like it or not, mobile apps are an integral part of our daily lives. All major mobile platforms are in a rat race to have the most apps available for their users. But the big question is, how many of these apps are really useful? In this series, I will be featuring some really innovative and helpful Made in India apps that make your life easier 🙂

Haptik Personal Assistant 

[Android | iOS | Free]


India maybe a global hub for Customer Service outsourcing, but you know how frustrating it is to deal with the customer service teams in India. Personally, I’ve never even had a ‘decent’ experience with any customer service calls. In fact, in most cases, I have been given misleading or no information so I always use email customer service so I have written proof of my interaction.


Haptik helps solve this real world problem to a large extent. Haptik works as a personal assistant where ‘real’ people with much better comprehension skills and intelligence get your tasks done. Tasks could be anything – reaching out to customer support of product/service companies, getting your flights booked, finding specific stores/services nearby and basically anything else you need help with. The most helpful feature is to ‘outsource’ the pain of contacting and following up with customer service teams of companies to solve your issues. Whenever I have used Haptik, it’s always been a refreshing experience and a logical end to my request. The folks responding to the chats are responsive, knowledgeable and more ‘human’ than the robotic customer service we’re used to.


It’s a free app that you’ll find more helpful as you start using it more often. App looks nice and more features are added every few months.


[Android | Free]


Online shopping was trendy in 2014 but its quickly turned into an addiction now. Retailers have faced a major slowdown due to the massive discounts offered on e-commerce websites. Checking and comparing prices of items as small as pen drives on Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal and Paytm before buying them is considered absolutely normal. I mean who wants to pay more when you can get even 10 bucks off?

Voodoo is a brand new entrant into this comparison frenzy online shopping trend. It is a very clever app that uses accessibility services in the Android ecosystem to identify the product/service you access on your phone with all other product/service companies. Unfortunately, iOS doesn’t allow such permissions so this app is only available on Android as of now.


Comparisons are available across multiple products/services including Shopping (Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal etc.), Fashion (Myntra, Jabong, etc.) and Cabs (Uber, Ola and TFS). Additionally, discount coupons from all relevant providers show up as well which is quite neat. Voodoo also covers food ordering apps like Zomato and Swiggy with comparable discount coupons for a particular restaurant.


Voodoo is still very new and in active development so I did observe some technical glitches. Despite the glitches, Voodoo is an awesome app which can only get better. Now you don’t have to worry about ever buying anything online at a higher price!

Do you know any other awesome Made in India app/s? Let me know and I’ll feature it in the next part of this series!

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