Meat Lovers – Keep calm, EasyMeat is in town!

Gone are the days when parents put children to sleep saying ”So jaa baccha, warna Gabbar Singh aa jayega”. Today, they probably say “So jaa baccha, warna tera favourite meat BAN ho jayega”. Sounds funny, but the meat lovers in the country are getting restless with news about certain meats being banned, meat shops being closed on certain days and other such ridiculous actions being taken by people in authority.

Meat buying as a process has become painful. While we have to deal with all the bans and random shutdowns, we have also become extremely conscious about the hygiene factor when it comes to buying meat. Until a few years back, I’ve always bought chicken or mutton from small-time butchers who didn’t give a damn about hygiene, but that’s not acceptable today.


Last week, someone told me about a meat delivery service called EasyMeat. I was obviously curious and looked them up online. By next morning, I ended up being invited for a brunch with the EasyMeat team! Honestly, I hadn’t heard about them until 2 days before and didn’t know what to expect from the brunch. I was pleasantly surprised to be welcomed by a group of young entrepreneurs in their mid 20s. I loved the idea of a laid back Sunday brunch at home to talk, debate and discuss meat buying process in Pune! And yes, beer kept flowing to make sure the discussions lasted well into the evening 🙂 was started by siblings Karan and Vijeta Singh few months back to address the lack of quality fresh meat in Pune. While the demand for such a service was definitely there, setting up the procurement processes for fresh and top quality chicken, mutton and fish wasn’t easy. Karan, who manages the entire operations for EasyMeat, spent considerable time finding and on boarding quality meat suppliers.

Fresh, clean meat with customized marinated cuts delivered to your home in 2 hours? Sounds unbelievable but thankfully, it’s true! I had a wide smile on my face while Karan, Vijeta and Shiva, their marketing head, told us their experiences and the feedback they were getting from their customers. Looks like the expat community in Pune have already taken a big liking for EasyMeat. Accompanying this lovely conversation was a whole lot of Barbecued Chicken, Bombil fry, Prawns and Tandoor Pomfret.


Pricing, shipping charges and delivery times in certain areas are definitely something EasyMeat needs to work on though! For certain meats, the pricing seems to be a bit more than what I would pay. Having said that, it is heartening to see a startup that aims to solve a very real problem for urban meat loving families. With the level of exuberance that the EasyMeat team has, I am sure they will hit the sweet spot soon and expand to more cities in India.

Cheers to EasyMeat for inviting me over and must say I was pleased to MEAT you!

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